About Us


Hitz Company is a service-oriented company that endeavors to provide services on Information Technology Solutions and Consumer Electronics arena. Identifies the customer business needs, construct and deliver a robust state-of-the-art result, and thus, advancing the evolution of service industry. The company is capable and has proven to offer a wide range of products/services to its clients. We have developed our reputation and made it solid by providing our services.

Hitz has been active in the market for almost a decade, and with our success history which has made us one of the most proficient service companies in Kuwait. We distinguish ourselves by taking challenges as our starting point and offer relevant solutions to make the customers life easier. Our efficient internal structure allows shorter lines of communication, and more direct customer contact at all levels. We strive to bridge the gap between client’s requirements and our services through constant converge via our professional support. We ensure to provide our customers the open standard and superior components provided by our international partners. We assure our clients the continuity of technology throughout the lifecycle of our products and services, providing the basis for infinitely lower cost of ownership.


Hitz has a high-quality talent pool with high level of experience and exposure to work with global customers. We offer our employees the opportunity to work on projects, a professional work environment and options for a fast track career path driven by performance based culture. This enables us to attract, develop and retain high quality talent. Besides this, we continuously invest in developing the skill of our employees through structured training programs in Technical, Process, Domain, and Leadership areas.


Hitz is committed to provide customer delight through delivery of world-class services and solutions by leveraging technology and domain expertise.

Mission Statement

Core Purpose

  • To be a well-respected conglomerate focused on delivering best in class innovative solutions to its customers.

Core Values

  • Be a Trusted Partner to our Customers
  • Achieve as a Team
  • Demonstrate Integrity, Responsibility, Agility and Quality in everything that we do
  • Be Innovative

Key Missions

  • Be the Dominant & Renowned Solutions Provider across the region.
  • Create a scalable and efficient innovation engine that helps accelerate growth in business
  • Create a Global Presence